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See big to create a major campaign

Create a website integrated with the donna interactive suite, allowing the Foundation to shine and collect donations for their major fundraising campaign: “one 100 million ideas”.

Créée en 1976, la Fondation de l’UQAM vise à récolter des fonds afin d’offrir des bourses aux étudiants de l’UQAM et financer une multitude projets initiés par ces derniers. De cette manière, la Fondation de l’UQAM contribue à la recherche, à la vitalité de la formation et favorise l’accessibilité aux études pour plusieurs étudiants qui obtiennent des bourses. 


site web fondation de l'UQAM

Visit the website


icone fond amassés


$245 000

raised in a few months

icône fond possible


50 funds

to donate to

Fondation de l'UQAM les défis


A large quantity of information to structure and divide so as to make browsing the website easier. Allowing for the allocation of donations to the right schools and funds.




icone adapter la suite interactive donna

Adapt the donna interactive suite

The online donation management tool developed by CIBLE, the donna interactive suite, was completely adapted to allow for multiple pages and a clear division of the website’s integrated content. Indeed, many pages and some menus were customized to present the information according to the Foundation’s needs.

icône répartition des dons

Create a tool for the allocation of donations

The donation form of the donna interactive suite was adapted to allow for the allocation of donations to different schools and dedicated funds (projects, scholarships and research, etc.). Dropdown menus enable different lists to be displayed or hidden, making reading easier.


icône site web

Structured and dynamic web pages

Thanks to boxes, dropdown menus, pictures and multiple graphic styles and titles, the content on the web pages is clean and inviting for the readers. The whole thing displays a professional and institutional capacity that reflects the organisation’s mission.


site web Fondation de l'UQAM


“You were able to address our sometimes demanding requests with promptness and professionalism. The objective was ambitious: to build a website in 4 months, but we achieved it. Thanks to everyone behind this project. Without you, the work could not have been accomplished.”

Katrina Côté Girard, Communication Counsellor –


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