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Design a website using the interactive donna suite to raise awareness about the foundation’s activities and to raise funds.

The Montreal Sacré-Cœur Hospital Foundation (FHSCM) is raising funds for the hospital so it can offer top of the line health services and develop its areas of expertise, such as trauma.


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Collect all the information regarding the foundation and its fundraising campaigns and events, in the same place.



1 000 donors

in one month

6 campaigns

at the same time

a hundred

tickets sold (costing $100 each) in one month

Hôpital Sacré-Coeur


Structure the content

Because of the Foundation’s magnitude, the original website had a considerable amount of information that had to be structured to allow fluid browsing for the users. Texts were revised to fit the website better and create a well thought out arborescence. A double, “snap”-type menu allows access to all the menu pages no matter where you are on the site.

A multipurpose website

The donna interactive suite, whose basic functions allow for fundraising, was enhanced to include multiple pages of informative content. In the Campaign and events section, FHSCM can create as many campaigns and events as it wants and follow their progression. A tool also allows online ticket purchasing. At the customer’s request, testimonies showcasing patients, volunteers and health professionals were put in place.

Personalize the content

With the help of the donna interactive suite, the typography and the colours, along with different zones (banners, spotlights, etc.), were customized to the Foundation’s image. The platform allows for an optimized user experience . Everything is incorporated and fluid. Very far from the standard online donation form!


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