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A lucky star for each child

A campaign to watch over 13 000 children

The Fondation du Centre Jeunesse de Montréal (Montreal Youth Centre Foundation) supports over 13 000 children, between the ages of 0 to 18 years, who benefit from the help of the centre through services intended to improve their wellness and help them build their future.


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Design a signature campaign adapted to the organisation’s reality, in about two months, in order to collect $50 000 over the holidays.


Icône fonds amassés

$100 000raised
in about one month

Icône vidéos

promotional videos



icône concept significatif

A meaningful concept

CIBLE developed a theme and a concept campaign to raise awareness about the children who did not get the chance to be born under “a lucky star”, who were helped by the Montreal Youth Centre Foundation. People were invited to offer a lucky star that would watch over the youth and guide them to a better future, bringing them hope and confidence, joy and inspiration.

icône identité visuelle adaptée

An adapted visual identity

In order to give meaning to the concept, a graphic signature was created for the campaign. The design drew inspiration from the Foundation’s graphic signature and was also adapted to the holiday season, through the use of red and gold. Pictures were also worked on to show stars in the eyes of the children and to bring emotion to the concept.

icône stratégie complète

A complete promotion strategy

In order to promote the campaign and the Foundation’s needs, actions and solicitation had to be well synchronised. For this reason, posters, web banners, promotional emails, press releases, contests, social medias publications and two promotional videos and a microsite for donations were created with the donna interactive suite.


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