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An awareness campaign so it changes

Design a themed campaign to raise awareness about violence against women

The L’Escale de l’Estrie organisation is a shelter for abused women and their children. This resource raises awareness about violence against women, so that they get the help they need and stop the violence.



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Develop a powerful and original awareness campaign to address the 6 types of violence endured by women. Rethink the corporate image and redesign the website.



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Definitions adapted to reality

A strategic review led to the choice of a theme focused on definitions representing the reality experienced by women who are victims of domestic violence. Therefore, words such as "woman" and "family" were redefined so that we might understand what an abused woman feels about these concepts. The campaign tagline “So it changes” was created to highlight l’Escale’s mission and to call on people to act against violence.

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Picturing violence

To illustrate violence and the different shapes (or colours) it can take, we used a picture of a woman with a stain of colour representing a black eye. Vivid colours were chosen to enhance the sense of urgency and contrast with the black background of the poster. Female victims of violence, of all kinds, are marked for life by it. To create these posters, a photo shoot was carried out with women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds.

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An indicative identity and a renewed website

The graphic signature of l’Escale de l’Estrie was reviewed before the campaign’s deployment. The new image is soft, using pastel colors and the graphic element used is a feather. It refers to the respite services offered and to a new start for women who are victims of violence. The new website integrated with the donna interactive suite (allowing for online donations) was designed with the new image. It includes much information about domestic violence and ways to get out of a violent situation.


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