Raise awareness about spinal injuries

Design a fundraising campaign and promote an event to raise awareness about the Adapte-Toit Foundation all over Québec.

The Adapte-Toit Foundation was created by Julien Racicot, a young man who was injured in a car accident and became tetraplegic. In order to help other people with spinal injuries to obtain at-home services and adapt their residences, M. Racicot, created the foundation in 2014. La Traversée Le Courage d’avancer, an awareness-raising event, was realised by Julien in August 2017.




Select a name and a concept for the La Traversée Le courage d’avancer challenge completed by Julien in August 2017. Use the donna interactive suite, design a range of promotional tools and collaborate on the communication strategy to raise awareness and collect funds.




$150 000




3 000

newsletter subscribers







A theme with an impact

Since Julien’s challenge was long and hazardous, we chose the theme “the courage to move forward” not only to represent the challenge, but also to demonstrate the bravery that individuals with spinal injuries demonstrate every day.


Evocative images and tools

We developed a visual identity inspired by the Adapte-Toit Foundation’s image. This image was then declined into various promotional tools such as web banners, booklets, decals on a RV, T-shirts, caps, posters, Facebook banners, water bottles, etc.

A tied-up communication strategy

To publicize the initiative, press releases were produce and sent nationwide. Newsletters were sent to subscribers and videos were produced by the Foundation’s team. The journey was documented every day on Facebook. The donation’s thermometer from the donna interactive suite allowed for the real-time compilation of donations.







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