An image campaign for Sherbrooke’s students

Conceive an employer branding campaign to promote student recruitment for the City of Sherbrooke for the summer season.

Every year, the City of Sherbrooke employs approximately 200 students who have completed their secondary 5, to fill non-specialized or specialized positions related to their field of study.




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A strong and appealing identity

To promote the campaign, following a thorough needs analysis, every tool deployed was designed while thinking of the target group. From the campaign’s unique and catchy name, "Sherbyjob", to posters in summer colours and video clips on the internet, CIBLE put forward a theme based on work-pleasure-teamwork conciliation, countering stereotypes and changing the youth’s perception of a pretty accessible employer.

An interactive and dynamic visual

To capture and retain attention, CIBLE chose a youthful and dynamic visual and created an interactive landing page, where the most conventional structures were eliminated. The illustration of the seven types of available positions was done through pictures in motion and video clips showcasing current and past students working for the city. Bright and fresh colours were used for every tool, reflecting the summery and impetuous side of the campaign.

Straightforward and concise information

The new website (landing page) presents the information in a clear and playful way, motivating students to submit their application to the right place. Previously, information was classified into categories, with no distinction between positions for students and all other available positions. With an intuitive interface, the new hiring process and all of the required steps are highlighted, from submitting a CV to starting a new position.


Create an original and attractive campaign and company brand showcasing a variety of communication tools such as: campaign name, visual identity, logo, publicity, posters, website, photo shoot and video clips.


Video clips

To enhance the campaign, CIBLE proceeded with shooting seven video clips showing students explaining the work they’ve done and in what way their experience working for the City was instrumental to their employment history. These videos bring a tangible, authentic and very human dimension to the campaign, especially since two of the testimonials were done by students now employed on a permanent basis by the City.

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