Unique education centres

Promote training and courses available at the professional and adult education centres of Haute-Gaspésie and Côte-de-Gaspé.

The Chic-Chocs school board, located in Gaspésie, serves a large client base, located between Sainte-Anne-des-Monts and Gaspé. There are two professional education centres offering altogether over 17 trainings that lead towards obtaining an PED, along with adult and continuing education classes.






increase in registration (creation of a waiting list)

3 min

average reading time

1 000

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Bring forward the distinctive advantages of the two Chic-Chocs school board education centres (Haute-Gaspésie and Côte-de-Gaspé), thanks to new branding, efficient promotional tools and a distinctive website.






Strategic actions

In order to maximise the education centre’s communication and promotional efforts, CIBLE has developed a communication and enhanced action plan that will create awareness about the centres throughout Gaspésie, as well as the province, thanks to original events, new and powerful branding, various communication tools, a distinctive website and more.


Identities that complete each other

For each education centre, CIBLE designed a distinct visual identity while maintaining a tangible connection between the two centres. This way, only a few details differentiate the two graphic signatures. The same positioning statement (passion generator) along with lines of communication were designed for both centres. These new identities were deployed in various communication tools: pamphlets, fact sheets on every program, promotional folders, posters, banners, promotional clothing, etc.

A wealth of information on the web

A single website was created for both education centres. We brought together information in sections and subsections, allowing for simple and fast browsing, based on visitors' needs. This way, all of the information needed to register for a training orclass, to find out about the centre's different advantages, to find out about activities that take place at the centres, etc., is on the website. Many menus, icons, banners and buttons were used to divide the large quantity of content and to make the website user-friendly.




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