A good place to live

Restore the image of the city by enforcing its competitive advantages and bringing a feeling of pride to its citizens.

Asbestos is a municipality located in Estrie, with a history and economy that are greatly influenced by the asbestos found there. The city has experienced difficulties during the last few decades and that’s why it is working with CIBLE, to showcase its many charms.


Ancienne image Ville d'Asbestos




Update the city’s image by conducting a complete, proportional campaign, which includes numerous harmonized elements, in order to improve the city’s reputation and add value to the municipality that has known difficulties in the past. Asbestos offers many business opportunities and a pleasant living environment for its citizens. The campaign’s main goal was to convince new investors, as well as new families to take up residence.





A strong image

A rebranding of the city’s image was performed, including: an updated, more dynamic graphic signature, a new visual identity and an evocative positioning statement. Everything was done to create a strong image and make the city radiate by enhancing its citizens’ sense of belonging and putting forward the city’s many advantages (quality of life, economic development, various activities, etc.).


Recognition comes with the right tools

To ensure the success of the proportional campaign, the city’s new image was declined using many tools: promotional videos, print advertising, proportional objects, stationary, pamphlets, city newspaper, gloating, etc. A global strategy to update the image of the city was performed.


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Large-scale deployment

A strategy was reflected on by CIBLE’s team and the City of Asbestos, for the launch of its new image, including planning a launch activity for citizens, a press conference and media relations management.


A website in the colours of Asbestos

The new visual identity was declined on a website where you can find a large amount of information. It is well-structured, with the information distributed in sections which direct the target audiences (citizens, visitors and business people, etc.).



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