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Metal in all possible forms

Create a complete and informative website facilitating the choice of products for clients.

Trolec specializes in designing and manufacturing ventilation dampers, as well as mechanical and architectural louvers. They offer a wide selection of different models and their expertise and capacity to innovate allows them to perform small and large customised projects.


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We have created a new visual identity offered using various tools: binders of products, technical sheets, websites, etc. The website was updated, and we included a product section containing detailed fact sheets, in order to make orders easier.





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Renewed look

The company’s visual identity was modernized, and we joined a positioning statement reminiscent of its line of business. The website was revisited and improved in order to have its graphic design reflect current trends. It also incorporates an adaptive design, essential nowadays.

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Complete product factsheets

CIBLE declined product factsheets, a sales binder and the website. To allow a better integration of all the products on the website, complete and detailed product factsheets were created. This way, clients can easily locate different models and their specifications to find the product that fits their needs.

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Streamlined browsing

A refined site that includes a thought-out arborescence, allowing for more convenient browsing. The textual content was also revised and revisited in order to be succinct and meaningful.

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Strategy, structure and web design

CIBLE developed a new arborescence for Trolec’s website, allowing for optimal and intuitive browsing. The web design was created mostly to showcase the company’s image. This way, the user experience is maximized and customers have easier access to relevant content.



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Demonstrate your expertise with the help of an up-to-date website highlighting your know-how. Our experienced web team will be able to recommend the best practices to put into place.

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