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Promote the expertise of a company that stands out

Develop a contemporary and functional website, as well as promotional videos with impact.

Exo-s is a designer and manufacturer of plastic functional systems using an injecting and blowing process. The company serves international clients who are mostly in the automobile industry.





Create a three-language website showcasing Exo-s' expertise in various industries, along with its team and its values. Perform video and photo shoots in their 4 plants, in 3 countries.



Decrease the rebound rate by
in two weeks

Increase the number of pages seen by

Doublethe average time per session

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A well-structured website

The website was revised in order to embed new sections and guide users. For this reason, the menu bars are presented in two ways: as traditional drop-down menus and as menus in the middle of the page, allowing visits to other sections related to the current page. The drafting of the site was enhanced for the web by our team. Many modules and forms improve the communication between the company and web users.

Authentic visuals

One of the website's biggest transformations is the integration of multiple visual content, such as graphic elements and frames, but the website distinguishes itself mostl of all through several pictures. The content was slightly animated to make it more dynamic and to make browsing fluid and pleasant. Thanks to photo shoots undertaken at the headquarters and in all 4 plants, located in Quebec, the United States and Mexico, pictures of employees in action bring a very human touch to the website.

Custom videos of the company

Video clips were captured at Exo-s' plants and headquarters. The intent was to show the expertise and values of Exo-s in a first corporate video, and employer branding, in a second video intended for the recruitment of new employees. The result is powerful and clearly shows the extent of the company’s operations and the pleasure the employees have while working.



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