A renewed image for an experienced consultant

Design a modern, clean, differentiating corporate image, representing Daniel Langlois’ vision.

Daniel Langlois is a human resources consultant with over 25 years of experience in various areas. He offers a variety of services, including coaching, employee relationship management, union contract negotiations, HR strategy, talent acquisition and more. His mission: to simplify your human relationships with the approach and know-how he has developed by working with businesses of all kinds.



Create a visual identity (visual signature and positioning statement) representative of Daniel Langlois, which is distinct from the competition. Design and formulate a landing page allowing for the presentation of all the services offered by Daniel Langlois HR, in a clean and concise way.







Create a distinctive corporate image

Daniel Langlois is a human resources counsellor with vast experience in various areas. Daniel Langlois’ seriousness and professionalism had to be showcased in the image we created and needed to differentiate him from the other HR firms in the area. Dark blue, a chic and professional colour, was mixed with light green and grey-white to lighten and energize everything.


Develop efficient promotional tools

The designed corporate image was declined on a brochure, stationary, pockets and business cards. A photo shoot and professional drafting allowed for the creation of visual content and authentic texts that would communicate Daniel Langlois’ passion, uniqueness and expertise.

Design a unique web page

In order to have a web presence, Daniel Langlois selected a content web page (landing page). It’s very visible with 3 distinct categories of services, as well as subcategories. It clearly showcases everything Daniel Langlois HR can do for his customers and browsing is simplified, thanks to a single content page that says it all!








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