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Realise a modern and original website for Cascade’s tissue division with a microsite for a national contest.

Cascades’ "tissue" division manufactures hygienic, paper towels and tissue paper made with recycled fibres. Many of the products are ecological and the company promotes environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. Established in 1977, Cascades Tissue Group is now the 4th manufacturer of paper tissue in North America.



Design an adaptive, visual and very modern website along with a microsite for registration to a nationwide contest.





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An attractive and user-friendly interface

CIBLE realised a storyboard website that stands out of the ordinary. Many visual elements (images, pictures, icons) and multiple catchy titles, combined with short texts make the website fun and dynamic for the user. This website was created in the company’s image with colourful and creative product packaging.

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Improved web content

The content for the jesuiscascades.com website and the national contest microsite is concise and evenly distributed to stimulate reading: short paragraphs, many titles and subtitles, clear information well divided into menus and sub-menus, bulleted lists, etc. In addition, a keyword search was created to enhance the website’s search engine and payable features.

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Efficient features

jesuiscascades.com’s website includes very useful functionalities for users such as a store locator, a client account, tools to print coupons, etc. The contest microsite allows customers to register by entering a code from selected Cascades products.

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2014 Je suis vert Cascades Contest

Microsite concours Je suis cascades 


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