A strong and distinctive brand

Update the company’s image to create an identity, a website and communication tools that are evocative and representative.

Alarme Centaur is a company that offers a variety of services linked to safety: alarm systems, security guards and agents, safety equipment in case of fire, installation of safety components, etc.




Update the graphic signature while keeping the image of the centaur. Define a positioning statement developed to clearly identify the different services offered by the company: Safety + central, Safety + protection, Safety + fire and Electric Centaur.



Create a unique and evocative statement

Alarme Centaur distinguishes themselves through their professionalism and technical (security agents and guards, electricians, call centre, etc.) and technological (alarm system, tele monitoring, domotics, etc.) services. To unite all of these services, we chose the statement "Strength + Intelligence".

Design the appropriate communication tools

The new image was declined into a variety of tools such as a brochure, stickers, truck and car fleet, corporate & promotional uniforms for each department, stationary, labels, etc.

A structured web page

In order to promote their services, Alarme Centaur selected a dropdown web page listing all of the services. This way, the company has a web presence allowing it to improve its notoriety and expand its horizons.



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Make your services known thanks to a powerful company image with up-to-date and efficient promotional tools.

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