What does 2020 have in store for us in graphic design?

2019 was marked by the Pantone Living Coral colour, the return to authenticity, serif typefaces and asymmetrical layouts where the Art Deco style, bold and modern, has been able to bring shapes and movement to the forefront. As the beginning of the year rhymes with resolutions and new trends, CIBLE is pleased to list the new features that will mark the year 2020 in order to guide you in your future designs!

Pantone's soothing coloUr of the year

After the Living Coral of 2019, Pantone, the award-winning reference in the field, has unveiled the colour of the year 2020: Classic Blue. Unchanging, timeless and elegant, the final choice of this colour was influenced by current environmental and social climate while evoking the sky at dusk, which encourages us to go beyond the obvious, to broaden our field of reflection, deepen our thoughts and open up our communication perspectives. Although this colour is ideal for meditation, it suggests a type of constancy and optimism, filled with confidence and a deep calm.

image d'ambiance de la couleur de l'année
Source: pantone.com


Star typeface typography

In 2020, leave aside sophisticated and elegant typefaces, as the trend of the year will be “big and bold”. Indeed, the new decade puts the text at the forefront, becoming a standalone or complementary graphic element on advertising posters. Although the design is far from fading, words are treated in such a way as to produce a striking effect, either through spatial arrangement, distortion, repetition or even animation.

tendance typographie 2020
Source: behance.net


design MOTION

Graphic animation, commonly known as motion design, will be the trend of choice in 2020. No need to tell you that this animation technique, thanks to its format and multiple creative possibilities, will allow you to arouse more curiosity and strong emotions as well as to increase your audience's memorization. Its livelier outreach on the different social medias will make it a great tool to increase your notoriety and visibility with easily distracted consumers!

Let's not forget the comeback of animated GIFS! More fun than an emoticon and lighter than a video, animated GIFS are a great way to make short loop videos. The purpose behind it: to catch the eye, express an emotion or tell a story, reinforce your brand personality, make the content more viral and, of course, add a touch of humor to your content!

Source: behance.net


Liquid and nested forms

The reproduction of water's surface, or any other liquid, will increasingly appear in contemporary graphic creations.

Indeed, graphic textures give an imaginary and mysterious look and make room for creative freedom, especially when combined with typography.

tendance forme liquide
Source: stock.adobe.com

Source: behance.net

In addition to liquid forms, geometric design, which aims to create nested patterns and rectangular shapes, can be found in a wide variety of styles this year.

In short, create in a style that breathes freedom, spontaneity and simplicity! This will create an immediate connection with your consumers and make room for their emotions.


The 3D effect to maximize illusion and depth

What better way to make the depth effect shine and bring out the resulting shapes than to rely on 3-dimensional elements. Dynamic and energetic, their effects will give the impression of being able to touch the elements and allow you to stand out from your competitors!

forme 3d image1
Source: behance.net

effet 3d rue
Source: behance.net


minimalism trend, still as trendy as ever!

We can assume that 2020 rhymes with “less is more”. Going to the essential, dispensing with the superfluous, favoring elegance and sobriety, the minimal will occupy most of our visual space this year. A trend that is a guarantee of quality, but also synonymous with contemporaneity and trendy style. Graphic and communication designers will be able to link flashy or natural colours as well as asymmetry and flat tints to this trend, which is devoid of any symbolic and subjective interpretations.

exemple art déco
Source: graphiste.com

minimal image2
Source: thrace.ca

Source: behance.net


Eco-responsible design, even stronger!

Responsible design, an inevitable trend of 2020, will be a turning point for brands and companies this year. The choice of ink, type of paper as well as materials that forego the use of plastics will have to be widely considered, forcing graphic and communication designers to be creative in order to design recycled and recyclable products.

bottle carlsberg
Source: lareclame.fr

exemple d'une mise en page asymétrique
Source: lareclame.fr




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