O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree… how much does your ecological footprint weigh?

Ah traditional Christmas trees! They are bright, comforting and create a wonderful frenzy around us. But in an era where everyone is trying to be as eco-responsible as possible, many are unsure whether to use natural or artificial trees. In order to better inform you in your difficult decision, the Ciblés have made it their duty to identify the advantages and disadvantages in order to determine which is the most environmentally friendly. In reality, opinions are divided. Some will say that cutting down trees is harmful to the environment, others will say that artificial trees, made of petroleum-based plastic and non-renewable metals, is harmful to the environment.


So, who's telling the truth?

Indeed, according to a study carried out by the firm Ellipsos, the big winner in terms of ecology is the natural tree. Artificial trees, on the other hand, contain a 3x greater ecological footprint than natural trees: the artificial tree, which is made of plastic and oil, is packed in a cardboard box, overpacked during transport and transported thousands of kilometers (yes, the vast majority come from China) before ending up in our living room as a decoration. If we do the calculation, the ecological footprint is considerably greater than that of the natural fir tree. The only way to make your artificial tree more environmentally friendly is to keep it for more than 20 years. Few people keep it that long!

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Yes, but... we cut down trees.

Of course! Natural fir trees must be cut. But according to the Association des producteurs d’arbres de Noël du Québec (Quebec Christmas Tree Growers Association), the Christmas trees available during the holiday season have been specially grown for this purpose. The trees were planted, maintained and replaced with other small seedlings as soon as they were harvested. Their cultivation is therefore renewable and contributes positively to the preservation of the environment. And to be even more eco-responsible you can turn your tree over to the fir plantation or urban recycling circuits!


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