A more gourmet Christmas meal, but also more eco-friendly!

Preparing a festive and gourmet Christmas dinner, while being respectful and ecologically responsible, is quite possible! Usually, traditional Christmas meals often involve the choice of expensive foods such as seafood, good quality meats, truffles, etc.


How to do it ?

So, to get off the beaten track and favour cheaper food, we highlight local and organic products accompanied by good microbrewery beers and local wines! Local cheese raclette, Chinese fondues, soups, stuffed turkey and maple desserts will inevitably make your guests salivate. By exploring new menus, you will make delicious discoveries, reduce your ecological footprint and encourage the local economy.

A quick statistic: did you know that our food travels an average of 2,500 km and that Quebec has about 29,000 farms? In addition, many butchers offer local organic meat. Why not try it this year?



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yes, but it's expensive!

To reduce Christmas meal costs financially, a multitude of alternatives exist. First, establish a budget and calculate the amount of food accordingly. And yes, during the Holidays, about 20% of food is wasted and ends up in the garbage. This is a double waste for your wallet and the environment. Otherwise, why not opt for “homemade”. Well, it takes a little planning and preparation, but instead of buying ready-made meals, you will limit the costs associated with Christmas meals.

And as you no doubt know, Christmas is a family celebration! Involve your guests and share the dishes to be prepared between yourselves. What a wonderful way to celebrate in style!


Would you like to know all the possible gourmet alternatives?

Here are some ideas that will help you celebrate Christmas Eve in a more responsible way!



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Green Chritsmas dinner is possible if you careful about what you buy, how you prepare it, and what you do with all those leftovers.

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